1. Course

Engage teenage learners of all abilities with content and topics that are relevant to them.

Goal Getters

Prepare learners for exams, future study and help them get ready to reach their life goals.

High Note

New Keystone

Tech Teens

Develop learners' fluency with up-to-date, authentic and highly engaging digital content.



World Explorers

Create global citizens of tomorrow by building real-world knowledge and skills.

Discover English

Next Move



Wider World

2. Assessment

Get detailed insights into learners’ skills, help them celebrate their progress and build their confidence.

3. Certification

Give learners the proof and confidence they need for their next big step in life. 

Powered by the Global Scale of English

Discover the powerful tool at the heart of our learning programs and find out how it can boost your learners’ confidence, keep them motivated and give precise insights into their English language abilities.

Unlock the power of the GSE

Unparalleled educator and institution support

Inspire learners and build their skills with Pearson English Readers

Aligned to the Lexile Global Framework for reading and the Global Scale of English, our Readers are the perfect partner to power up any learner’s journey to fluency.

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