Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC)

Information for educators

Certify your learners’ real-world English skills with the fast, secure and ultra-convenient online test, awarded by Edexcel and accepted by ministries of education, government bodies and universities around the world.

Tests general international English (suitable for American and British English users).

Certification For ages 14+ Online or in person Never expires Test length: 2 hours Results: 1-6 weeks

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Skills assessed

Speaking, reading, listening and writing

Take the test

Computer-based test available at home or at an authorized test center (paper test also available)

Test time

2 hours or less (computer test), 3 hours or less (paper test)


2 weeks or less (computer test), 6 weeks or less (paper test)

Reasons educators choose Pearson English International Certificate

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Prepare your learners for their exam with free lesson plans, our Warm-Up app and the Readiness Test

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Ultra-convenient with easy online booking, secure testing and one single test completed in under two hours

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Certifies real-world English skills, testing individual skills and overall ability, with a printed certificate for every learner that never expires

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Recognized in countries around the world and respected by businesses and universities

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No specific test preparation required, so learners can test their skills independently of any English course

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Personalized learning recommendations to help continue your learners’ journey to fluency

Guarantee to Pass

Take advantage of the only English language proficiency test with a guarantee.

Candidates who take the Pearson English Readiness Test and achieve a Green/Ready overall score within a month of taking the International Certificate Computer-based test are eligible for a free second test at the same level if they don’t pass the first time.

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