Knowledge Capture

We can help you document your employees’ practical knowledge and business acumen for a seamless transition and continued success should they ever leave

Document your most valuable asset: your people

The synergy that is created when years of experience and hard work come together is what makes an organization great. But what happens when talent that has been so diligently cultivated walks out the door?

Today’s multi-generational workforce virtually guarantees that long-time employees, like baby boomers, will eventually leave and take with them their practical knowledge and business acumen. 

Pearson can help your organization create strategically aligned knowledge-capture and transfer system solutions that facilitate the documentation of your most valuable asset: your people.

We can partner with you to create a knowledge capture system that will:

  • Allow you to document mission-critical knowledge and best practices so that you never lose your employees' expertise
  • Let you host your own captured and accessibly structured information on your servers or access it on our dedicated, secure servers
  • Make your media searchable and indexable, so your employees can find the information they need when they need it
  • Archive events, such as board meetings, employee communications, benefits or compliance updates, or custom training
  • Share expertise quickly and effectively so you can bring new products to market, improve customer service, and increase efficiency