AcceleratED Pathways for frontline employees

Designed for simplicity and success

AcceleratED Pathways includes program management and an academic partner network, and it’s easy to implement alongside your current tuition assistance program.

We deliver a quality online associate’s degree consistent with your internal mission, financial requirements, corporate development goals, and our shared focus on employability.

Greater education benefits lead to exceptional ROI

A recent study of Discover Financial Services by Accenture and the Lumina Foundation shows that tuition assistance programs can positively affect employees and the bottom line.


saved for every dollar spent on tuition assistance for employees


  • 40% higher average wage increases
  • 21% more likely to be promoted
  • More likely to show up for work
  • Greater employee retention

Source: Talent Investments Pay Off | Cigna Realizes Return on Investment from Tuition Benefits, Lumina Foundation

Talent management that helps employees overcome barriers to success

AcceleratED Pathways focuses on alternative pathways to workforce development and employee success — and it’s potentially free for them.

Employees surveyed want and need better skills, but also face obstacles

Source: Adult Learners Sharpening Employability Skills for a Changing Workplace: A Study on Adult Learner Motivations and Expectations in 2016

Alternative pathways to employee success

In direct response to your employees’ challenges, we’ve designed AcceleratED Pathways to help them succeed.

  • Skills development to increase mastery and improve the chances
    of career advancement
  • Anytime, anywhere learning is 100% online and includes eTextbooks
  • End-to-end support with a career success coach, enrollment advisor, and tutoring
  • Prior credits applied toward degrees so employees with some college needn’t start over
  • Credits transferable to 4-year institutions for students who want to go even further
  • Potentially free for employees at any stage
  • Flexible starting times with semesters beginning every two months throughout 2017