Removing barriers to language learning

Language learning has the power to change lives; it presents new opportunities and opens doors. We believe in making our products accessible to everyone.

Pearson and Talent Beyond Boundaries are making a difference in refugees' lives worldwide

Pearson and Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) are working together to help make a difference to the lives of refugees and displaced people all over the world.

We're empowering people to use their skills, experience and talents to build brighter futures for themselves. Helping to remove language barriers can give people a lifeline and a key to unlock new opportunities. To enable this, we're providing 300 free and 300 discounted English tests with our flagship Pearson Test of English (PTE).

The cost of a PTE test could prove a barrier when applying for a work visa, so we want to make the pathway as easy as possible for people during their time of crisis. We've provided TBB with these 600 tests to offer to the individuals they're working to support.

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Success story

Fadi, from Lebanon, found that many companies offered him food, money or shelter. But when he found Talent Beyond Boundaries, they saw his potential for the skills he had. He is now working in Australia.
“The minute I set foot on that plane, I dared to start dreaming again.”
Mondly by Pearson

Free access to language learning app Mondly by Pearson

We are helping refugees overcome language barriers while communicating in their new countries.

Ukrainian natives can now access 25 European language courses on our Mondly by Pearson app. Ukrainian refugees can easily access all lessons instantly, simply by choosing Ukrainian as their native language inside the Mondly app.

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“It’s really heartbreaking to see what’s happening in Ukraine right now. I spent a month in Kyiv last year and got to know the people, the culture and their language. They’re such warm and welcoming people who deserve so much better than this. I’m proud to be able to offer Mondly’s language learning services for free to all Ukrainians in the light of the current situation.”
Alexandru Iliescu, Mondly by Pearson

£1m donated to help provide humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees

Events beyond people's control, like war, turn lives upside down. By helping these people find a safe migration pathway, we are pleased to be helping to try and rebuild their lives.

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