Digital life in 2025


The Pew Research Centre's Internet Project published something interesting recently. They ask a few thousand "experts" for their predictions of life in the near future. There is a surprising level of agreement and Pew research extracted 15 theses. The main article is here but here are the 15 theses in ... Read more »

Project 2020

"2020" is the story about the near future based on an ICSPA report entitled Project 2020. This video project takes the form of a fictional web series presenting the evolution of society and technology in the world described by the report. The 9 video playlist shows how the advancement of ... Read more »

Digital natives are a Population not a Generation

"Here’s an idea: there’s no such thing as a digital native." I like this line of thought from @PBSideachannel. Just watch the first 5 minutes. Photo Credit: Dirigentens via Compfight cc ... Read more »

Absurd TV commercial audition

If you have ever auditioned for anything, or work in marketing or advertising, or both, you'll probably enjoy this Conan sketch. He does a remarkable job of highlighting the absurdity of both the acting and advertising industries. Touché! ... Read more »

Principles for human digital experiences


[This article first appeared in The Drum magazine "UX Guide" - October 2013] The human experience is increasingly mediated by technology, both hardware and software. In addition to the large and small screens in our lives, the evolution of wearable technologies gives rise to a whole new category of experience ... Read more »

What is Big Data?


I was asked a few questions about “Big Data” recently. Here’s what I said. What is it, exactly? Big Data isn’t a thing. Data is data, regardless of volume. If you ask for a Big Pint at the bar you still receive a pint. Big Data is just ... Read more »

The graph always seems greener...


[This article first appeared in Marketing Magazine - August 2013] What do points make? Awesome! I just got my daily goal again. 3000 points, which is no mean feat given how much time I spend at my desk, peering at rectangles and moaning about the coffee. That cute animation of ... Read more »

The birds and the bees and the cellular automata


How can organisations use “unstructured data”? You could argue that all data is, at some level, unstructured. If you take the classic information theory model of DIKW, then “data” may be thought of as the chaotic thronging of a swarm of bees. Patterns, or structure, in their noisy dance emerge ... Read more »

Can YouTube make subscription pay?


[This article first appeared on the Guardian Media Network - May 2013] YouTube has introduced a subscription model as an option for some channel owners. There are only a few partners in the programme at the moment so, while not exactly a pilot, it’s early days. YouTube are promising ... Read more »